Volunteers: The Heart of DistinXion

Our DistinXion family is ever growing, full of many different pieces that all work together to make DistinXion what you see today. Our Full-time staff, volunteers and interns all bring something special and invaluable to the table but we consider our amazing volunteers to be the driving force of DistinXion.

To our volunteers of the past, present and future we cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done and plan to do for us. Without you we cannot effectively run our programs and camps. Your time, hard work and willingness to help out however you seem fit is what makes you the heart of our organization!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your time volunteering with DistinXion over the years as much as we’ve enjoyed having you. It’s our hope that you’ll continue to be our most valuable resource for years to come!

With camp season approaching we are in need of Coaches, host families (to house DistinXion staff for 1 night), and volunteers to provide meals for the staff and other volunteers at camp. 

If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering have them fill out the volunteer application below:

2018 Volunteer Application

Click below for more information on how to volunteer at DistinXion:


Upcoming Volunteer opportunities:  

  • Eastern Greene: March 23rd-24th
  • Washington, In: April 6th- 7th
  • Mitchell, IN: April 13th- 14th
  • North Knox: April 27th-28th

Hope to see you there!