The Zeller family name is synonymous with basketball excellence and integrity. Any athlete looking to grow as a basketball player and also as a person would be wise to jump at the opportunity to enroll in any of the Zeller Camps and clinics! I enthusiastically endorse them!

– Ed Schilling, Executive Director of Champions Academy and Assistant Basketball Coach at UCLA

Today, there is so much attention given and time spent  on developing the skill level of athletes. While this is great, it lacks the KEY essential, character training! With a combined approach, Luke and Hope will help develop your child into a COMPLETE player who will be UNSTOPPABLE!
– LaPhonso Ellis, ESPN College Basketball Analyst and 10 Year NBA Player

Luke is a man of great integrity.  He is a great communicator and role model for young people, and I am excited to get my own son involved in his basketball camps in the future. I strongly urge anyone seeking to improve as a basketball player and person to attend his basketball camp.
– Shaun Busick, Head Basketball Coach at Zionsville High School

Luke Zeller does things the right way. First and foremost he is a wonderful, caring, GOD fearing young man. He puts things in perspective: GOD. FAMILY. BASKETBALL. It was my privilege to coach him for four years and his class and character were as strong as his game.
– Dave Omer, Indiana High School Hall of Fame Coach

We can honestly say this was one of the best experiences our daughter has had in her young athletic life. The combination of character teaching and competition was blended very well. You all gave 110% to these kids. Your enthusiasm, teaching, and one-on-one attention you gave her was just amazing.
– Kris Bateman, Mother of DistinXion Grade Camper

I love the fact that this camp is not just about basketball. It’s about life, to make them better people. This day and age it’s rare that you find athletes that you really don’t mind your kids looking up to as role models. I’m perfectly fine with my son looking up to any of these boys!
– Parent of DistinXion Camper

If you have a son or daughter and you want them to learn how to become a strong young man or woman as well as a very good basketball player this is probably the best camp.
– Shane Billingsly, Father of DistinXion Camper

I like how the DistinXion staff connect with the kids and teach them on their level. They don’t just tell them how to do something, but they work with them to get better.
– Lauren Gosser, Mother of DistinXion Camper

I love the families, counselors, and volunteers involved. It’s a good thing for our family.
– Linda Hochstetler, DistinXion Volunteer and Mother of DistinXion Camper

Our boys went home and wanted to do everything on the take home sheet from camp, and wanted to talk about what they had learned. They really got a lot from it. We are EXTREMELY impressed! Really cool stuff. 
– Ben and Crystal Smith, Parents of DistinXion Camper

I think it’s fantastic. Obviously, it’s wonderful what they’ve done with their family, but the fact that they provide an opportunity for little kids and other kids is wonderful. This camp is just run so well, even just the flow of everything with the kids is really impressive.
– Abby Bryant, Mother of DistinXion Camper

I just really like the emphasis on the values, morals, and ethics for the kids. I think it’s great that the kids can play basketball, but it’s about more than basketball. It’s about life and who you are. Basketball skills come and go, but your character is here forever.
– Jill Simpson, Mother of DistinXion Camper

I wanted to thank you for the AWESOME job you did with the kids at Distinxion Camp at Emmanuel in Greenwood. I’ve coached and taught for over 30 years and ran a few camps in my day. God gave you a gift for teaching kids. Your enthusiasm got me ready to start a new school year! GREAT JOB!
– Father of DistinXion Camper

I like the way this camp ties together Christian values, just overall general good qualities for the children to learn other than just sports and sportsmanship. They learned and reinforced some of the things that we forget from day to day about good values to instill in the kids on a routine basis.
– Dawn Craft, Mother of DistinXion Camper

As a parent, I have learned to be a little more patient with my boys. Listening to the guys talk about being really family oriented has made me take a step back and be a little more patient with them.
– Regina Robinson, Mother of DistinXion Camper

DistinXion has done wonders for my son! After camp, he went from being comfortable and just going to school to uncomfortable and being outstanding. He really builds upon the CHAMPIONS acronym. (Her son has improved in the classroom and on the court since camp!)
– Shannon Gerig, Mother of DistinXion Camper

We choose DistinXion over any other basketball camp because they pair the character building with it and I think that is so important in every aspect of life. Sports are not always going to be in your life but the person that you are, how you treat others, and the character you have will be.
– Danielle Elliot, DistinXion Volunteer and Mother of DistinXion Camper

DistinXion is a group of people that’s not just looking out for our kid’s best interest in basketball and sports, but they go hand-in-hand with character building and being a good person.
– Chris Burson, Father of DistinXion Camper

We have been very pleased with your camp from day one. We have seen the positive attitudes you try to instill in these kids. Here at camp, I’ve never seen my grandson so focused and attentive. We love how much you truly care about the total development of these kids.
– Nancy Van Nuys, Grandparent of DistinXion Camper

My husband and I felt this was the best camp we have ever sent our daughter to. Too many times, camps of this nature do not have a very good counselor/camper ratio but DistinXion is different. We absolutely LOVED the personal comments from the counselor to the camper.
– Parents of DistinXion Camper

I believe I benefited as much as my camper. It is nice to hear stories and situations in the Zeller’s life similar to our own. As a parent it sometimes feels we are the only one going through those things. The training received is top notch and ranks over some college run camps!
– Parent of DistinXion Camper

This was such a positive experience for all of us and we can’t wait to come next year. We especially loved the character building. Keep up the good work in working with our children. It is important to see that you can be a good athlete and have good moral character. They go hand-in-hand.
– Parent of DistinXion Camper

I really liked how you incorporate the character training into your camp in an entertaining way. I thought my son would first tell me about the basketball experience, but it was the life lessons that he shared first. Of course, the basketball skills and experiences playing together were a huge hit.
– Parent of DistinXion Camper

We feel that the camp was run very professionally while engaging the campers to think outside the court. Distinction is a great adjective to describe this camp and sets it above others. 

– Parent of DistinXion Camper

As a parent, my favorite CHAMPIONS letter is A, attitude because I think it’s important in everything you do.  You have ups and downs, and your attitude will drive a lot of the results.

– Johnny Baker, Father of DistinXion Camper

DistinXion is a great program. For the lack of role models kids have these days it is great to see they are teaching kids about character and how to be honest and all the things that come with CHAMPIONS. It is great to see people these days that care about youth and where they are going. 

– Jeremy Clark, DistinXion Volunteer

The focus on the character building has been great. I’ve also been impressed with the quality basketball instruction. So, it’s a win-win. The kids are looking for the basketball, and they’re getting that. And, the parents are looking for the character building, and they’re getting that as well. 

– Randy Fife, DistinXion Volunteer

My favorite part about camp is getting stronger and the workout part. Bryce always says sweat is the down payment for what you do, and I think it is.
– Christopher Harness, DistinXion Camper

I didn’t realize that basketball was so dependent upon me as a person in addition to just my ability to play.
– DistinXion Camper