Luke Zeller President of DistinXion, Former Pro Basketball Player-Phoenix Suns, Gallup Strengths Coach
As the President of DistinXion, Luke shares the story behind DistinXion and his extensive athletic career. Luke is also Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and speaks on the power of knowing your team in order to lead them within their strengths. His stories and outgoing personality will be sure to captivate your audience!


Steve Zeller | Vice-President of DistinXion
As the father of 3 successful basketball players and the Vice-President of DXN, Steve will share his knowledge on raising athletes and leading a family and business. His stories, expertise, and humility will be an encouragement to any group!

Lorri Zeller | Director of Administration
As an experienced “sports mom,” Lorri impresses every audience with her well-spoken, humble approach to parenting.  She is truly an inspiration to all that interact with her, as she continues to handle all situations with grace and confidence.

Hope Zeller | Director of Cheerleading Division and Marketing
With experience in youth ministry, working with teenage girls, and attending grad school for counseling, Hope provides an in depth look at what it means to be a girl of character in a society that doesn’t make it easy! She’ll speak from both personal experience and the training she has received.

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