General Questions

Q: Will you bring DistinXion to my area/location/city? 
A: Please reference our Request A Camp page to find out more about bringing DistinXion to your location.

Q: Can girls participate at DistinXion Basketball Camp? 
A: Absolutely! Girls are welcomed at all DistinXion events!

Q: I’m in high school – does DistinXion offer anything for me? 
A: Yes! We encourage high school students to schedule private training with one of our trainers. You can do this individually or with a group of friends. To get more information, visit our Training page.

We also have AAU teams for boys entering grades 9-12. To learn more about AAU, visit our AAU page

Q: I can’t afford the camp tuition – are there any scholarships or discounts? 
A: DistinXion offers scholarships to students that are receiving free or reduced lunches at school or are experiencing extenuating circumstances. You can find out more by visiting our Scholarship page.

DistinXion also offers a family discount for multiple siblings attending the same camp.  The discount policy states that the first child shall pay full price and each additional sibling will receive a discount.

Q: What do I have to do to volunteer for DistinXion? 
A: Please visit our Volunteer page to find out more about volunteer opportunities and how to apply. All volunteer applications should be submitted at least a month before camp.

Basketball Training

Q: What ages are able to attend training? 
A: There are 3 types of training. Pre-scheduled Group training, Private Training, and Xplode Speed and Agility Training. Group training sessions are scheduled weekly according to each trainer’s schedule and gym availability and are for specific age groups ranging from 3-12 grade.

Individual training is available for students of any age and can be scheduled by contacting the trainer directly through email. You can find out more information by visiting our Basketball Training page.

Q: What is the cost for training? 
A: Please refer to our Training page to get detailed information regarding training.

Q: When and where is private training? 
A: Private training for small groups is typically provided weekly, based on the trainer’s schedule and gym availability. These small groups are based on age and students can sign-up each week for their desired time, location and trainer.

For individual training, you can contact your respective training to schedule the best time and location for your private training.

You can find out more information by visiting our Basketball Training page.

Basketball Camps

Q: What are the ages that you allow to come to camp? 
A: Our typical basketball camps are available to students entering 2nd-8th grade. These are the ages that we have identified as the students that are best fit for the training and character development. DistinXion Team camps are available to high school basketball teams and can only be registered for through the high school basketball coach.

Q: Do you provide food to the campers? 
A: No, no food will be provided to campers. Campers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, as they will have occasional water breaks.

Q: What should my child wear to camp? 
A: All campers should wear comfortable athletic clothing and tennis shoes. Please make sure to either bring tennis shoes in a separate bag or wipe shoes thoroughly before entering the gym to ensure the court stays clean and dry.

Q: What does Friday Night Family Tip-off consist of? 
A: Friday Night Family Tip-off is conducted the first night of camp. Parents are encouraged to attend, as there will be a parent information meeting and activities that parents can get involved with their children. This is a great opportunity to not only start the weekend off with a fun family experience, but the campers are always so excited to see their parents get in involved with their activities!

Cheer Camp

Q: How do I bring DistinXion Cheer to my school? 
A: Find out more about scheduling a cheer camp on our Distinxion Cheer Website. When you’re ready, visit the Schedule a Cheerleading Camp page to set up your very own Cheer Camp!

Zeller Family

Q: Will the Zeller boys be at the camp I’m attending? 
A: DistinXion’s goal is to provide elite basketball and character training and our hope is that every parent and student would want to attend camp to receive this specialty instruction. Zeller boys will attend DistinXion events as often as their busy basketball schedules permit. We assure all participants that all DistinXion Staff is well trained and qualified, regardless of their last name.

Q: I think the Zellers are awesome and want an autograph! Can you send me something or get something signed for me? 
A: We know, we know- the Zellers are pretty cool (just kidding). But really, we are so humbled to know that the Zeller’s autographs are desired, but due to the high volume of request, we have been forced to create a DistinXion and Zeller family autograph policy. Please visit the Autograph Policy page for more information.

Q: A charity has an auction coming up and would like to include Zeller memorabilia in the auction. Do you have anything that you can donate? 
A: A limited amount of signed basketballs can be purchased to be used in charity auctions. For more information regarding getting a charity basketball, please visit our Autograph Policy page.