camp mission

The DistinXion Team Development Camp Xperience is not your typical team camp. Our camp focuses on the fundamental development of both the individual and the team.

With our diverse development segments, composed of drills and teaching opportunities, we believe this is what truly separates our camps from the rest.

Our staff works to ensure your team experiences strong skill and leadership growth at camp. We concentrate our effort on fostering leadership both on and off the court.

Your improvement matters to us. As a result, providing the highest quality basketball development is a focal point of our camps.


DistinXion is currently operating in its second summer of basketball development through high school team camps.

The purpose of our Team Development Camps is to offer high school programs the opportunity for an elevated degree of basketball and leadership development that they would not find at a shootout or summer league.

2018 camp schedule

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Men's 2-Day Overnight Team Camp


Men's 1-Day Team Camps


Women's Team Camp


INside our camps

To help you better understand our program, we listed our development segments provided at camp below:

Position Specific Workouts

  • Small and Big Specialized Sessions - shooting, dribbling, finishing at the rim

Spurs 100 Shooting

  • Drill used at the San Antonio Spurs training camp focused to create, and track, game-like 3-point shooting by each individual

Team Defense/Offense Execution

  • Teaching proper rotation, player and ball movement, transition play and communication

Finishing Development & 2-Ball Dribbling Training

  • 4 minute finishing - drill designed to incorporate numerous techniques to finish at the rim designed to develop consistency and familiarity
  • Kyrie finishing - drill to allow the student-athletes to practice finishing fundamentals while incorporating their creative skillset
  • 2-Ball Training - segment created to improve court vision and ball handling skills

Leadership/Habitudes Segment

  • Segment dedicated to developing leaders both on and off the court

Film Study & Breakdown

  • Develops each player's basketball knowledge and understanding through an outside perspective. Each program will work through a film exercise that will allow indivdual mental growth 

Situational Tournament 

  • Drill intended to replicate final possessions. Practice of execution in crucial moments, against other programs, in an organized tournament.

2 Game Minimum/Day


I appreciate the willingness to work with teams at all levels. The atmosphere was awesome and a great learning experience for our kids as well as myself.
— James Floyd, White River Valley
This has the potential to become the best camp format offered in the Midwest.
— Josh Thompson, Vincennes Lincoln
Thanks for all you are doing to help grow the game of basketball in southern Indiana.
— Sean Smith, Providence
My guys got better today. This camp made my team better.
— Mark Rohrer, Southridge