2019 DistinXion Service Challenge

DistinXion has always emphasized service and character development alongside basketball. This service project initiative is meant to reiterate our values, and give our Campers the opportunity to work on character development outside of our camps!

  • Campers participating in the challenge must be registered for one of DistinXion’s Camps by May 1, 2019 in order to win the grand prize of a free camp admission!

  • Final day to submit logs is May 1, 2019

    • (Although we encourage you to continue volunteering and helping those around you!)

  • Services can range from mowing the lawn, picking up trash at a local park, cleaning your house, and everything in between since you’d be making an impact on other lives!

  • We also encourage participants to post their service/volunteer activities on social media!

    • Use the Hashtag #DXNserves so we and other Service Challenge participants can view all your hard work!

    The participant with the most hours will receive free admission to one of our summer camps!

Download a Printable Service Log Here: file:///C:/Users/Logan/Documents/DistinXion%20-%202019%20Service%20Challenge.pdf

* Once completed, email a copy of the form to loganbruner@distinxion.org


Fill out the submission below and DistinXion will log participants’ hours throughout the duration of the challenge!

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